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Company’s Raise Capital Presenting at Investor Events

September 23, 2007

The NBAI Private Equity Investor Forum is a premier invitation-only meeting for venture capitalists, angel investors, executives of early stage and emerging growth companies, investment bankers, successful entrepreneurs, premier service providers and industry leaders.

Five companies received private equity funding this year, who presented at the NBAI Private Equity Investor Forum events.  Since 1994, $24,120,000 has been invested from our NBAI organization.

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Brought to you by VC South, Action International, Stanford Financial Group, The Network of Business Angels & Investors, and Launch Funding Network.  This is an exclusive, private angel investor membership and networking organization founded in 1994.  Our members are active stock market, real estate or private equity investors, who accumulate income producing assets that rank in the top 10% of the American population.  Investing shares in private companies earns 4 times or more the investment far exceeding stock and real estate portfolios.