7 Powerful Tips to Gaining Investor Interest

When only “23% of companies receive all the funding they seek”, how will you obtain the funding you seek?  By making sure, when you do meet with investors, that your company is ‘investor ready’.  Most investors will take only one look at your investment opportunity and if your company is not ‘investor ready’, then they will move onto the next deal.  Unfortunately, most investors will not revisit your opportunity once they have decided they are not interested. 

Presenting your qualified opportunity to investors will increase your chances of funding.  Independent firms, who work with investors and understand their viewpoint, can identify obvious obstacles to funding through a complete business analysis.  Assessing that your business plan is clear, concise and compelling is achieved by meeting the following criteria. 

  1. Identify and examine your market opportunity, your company’s role in that market, your competitive and market analysis

  2. Evaluate your proof of concept and validation of your product or service

  3. Verify your business has clear business objectives and milestones for financial, sales, customer database, internal organization, and employees

  4. Identify your business strategies for growth, infrastructure, and development for financial accounting and human resources

  5. Check for any fatal flaws in your plan that would keep an investor from investing
    Appraise that your concepts are in clear and concise terms that an investor will understand

  6. Determine if your revenue and financial Performa makes sense for your business model

  7. Assess your plan from the investor’s point of view, the ability to attract capital at the best value, and meet the expectations of professional investors and lenders

To ensure that your business plan powerfully presents your ideas and strategies, the Business Assessment report should provide valuable recommendations on the strengths and weaknesses of your business model.  The funding strategy given based on all the information gathered from the assessment enables your company to clarify the right investor or financing for your company’s particular industry, stage, funding round, and unique selling proposition.

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